Snug Valley Farm is proud to have been selected for a 2014 Vermont Working Lands Initiative Grant.

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Working Lands Enterprise Board announces $1.1 million in grants to 37 Vermont entrepreneurs and providers

EXCERPT:  The Working Lands Enterprise Board announces this year’s grant recipients… This year, the program further invests in job creation, innovation, sustainability, and increased income.

“We recognize the tremendous economic and environmental impact that our Working Lands businesses have across the state of Vermont,” said Governor Shumlin. “By investing in technical assistance and infrastructure for our ag and forest economies, we are creating jobs and supporting a quality of life that will attract Vermonters and out-of-stater’s for generations to come.”  read more


EXCERPT:   The awards ceremony Tuesday, Snyder said, was meant “to celebrate the people who do the work — who make Vermont look and function like Vermont.”

The ceremony was held in a compost and equipment storage barn of Grow Compost in Moretown… The event was informal, but the entrepreneurial efforts that were recognized on Tuesday are significant, organizers said.

“We’re trying to identify places in the economic chain where we can make an impact on behalf of Vermonters,” Ross said.

“Looking at where the money is going, it’s all over the state and it’s in enterprises that are so creative and so full of spirit and hard work,” said Lucy Leriche, deputy secretary of Commerce and Community Development. “You can’t help but be inspired by their work and vision.”  read more

The Hardwick Gazette

by Benji Rosen
EXCERPT: The Nottermann’s of Snug Valley Farms recently faced a peculiar problem. How could they keep pace with their pork sales?

The number of free-range pigs they raise increased about 900 percent since 2012.  The answer was gift wrapped in a $20,000 grant they received this spring.

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The Hardwick Gazette, 42 South Main St, Hardwick, Vermont
Excerpted  with permission of the editor.

 About the Vermont Working Lands Enterprise Initiative

Over 97 percent of Vermonters value the working landscape. The “working landscape” consists of agriculture, food system, forestry, and forest product based businesses. Approximately 20 percent of Vermont’s land is used for agricultural purposes and 75 percent as forestry. The backbone of Vermont’s heritage and economic viability is the working landscape. The 2012 Legislative session brought with it a renewed commitment to Vermonters’ values by passing the Working Lands Enterprise initiative for the management and investment of $1 million into agricultural and forestry based businesses.  (from